Do you insure the shipments?

Yes, we do! 

Our price includes Full Insurance on the wines, based on the declared value (based on the receipt/invoice supplied). If the wines are found to be broken or lost during transit (very rarely at 0.17% chance), we will contact you promptly. Temperature-related damage is not covered by the insurance as an industry standard. 

Two Solutions for Remedy

Once wines are verified to be lost or damaged, you can choose between two options:

  1. We will send the same type of wines to the Recipient at our cost (we will buy the wines and resend them).
  2. We will refund you for the wine (at the original declared value) and the Gliding Eagle Full Service fee.

Need your help

We need to file for an investigation with FedEx, please provide:

  • Photos of the package before opening 
  • Photos of the package after opening with broken wines

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