What is required for a successful shipment?

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With confidence, we excel at providing white-glove services for Intl Wine DTC. We take care of five essential steps so our customers don’t have to worry. Our estimated delivery times set the gold stand for the industry.

Intl DTC Services

Two Important Things for You

(1) Use our software

With our cloud-based Intl DTC App, you can quickly get a quote and pay for an order. Click on the image below to access the App.

Intl DTC App

  • Winery clients: click on “Registered Winery.” Contact us to receive an assigned passcode for faster order processing.
  • Private clients: click on “Guest.”

(2) Do’s and Don’ts.

It is not about shipping. It is about compliance. 

Wines are highly regulated globally, and we must file compliance for export and import paperwork accurately. After all, no one wants to deal with inquiries from Customs agencies. 

A) Do enter each wine type: quantity and declared value (after discounts; what your client paid for).

Don’t blend bottle counts into one with an average price. We must declare each type of wine for compliance.

We typically declare the wine value at $10 per bottle for Commerical Wine Samples.

B) Provide the Recipient’s correct address, email, and local phone numbers. FedEx or the Customs agency will likely contact the Recipient for confirmation before delivery. Please do this for gifting as well.

Don’t enter the buyer’s email or phone number for the Recipient.

C) After the payment step, please upload an invoice or receipt and any other files. This way, we can correctly declare each item with the right wine name and price. Additionally, kindly provide any special instructions. It will definitely help to streamline the process for everyone involved.

Don’t skip this critical step!

A friendly reminder

Wines are expensive and it is not easy nor cheap to deliver them to someone special overseas. By following the steps above there will be no costly mistakes. We are confident wines will be delivered without drama.

Other References

Sender information

The sender sends the wine as a gift or commercial samples to the licensed importer.

  1. Sender’s full name
  2. Sender’s mobile and email: We may contact you regarding payment and other verification. The sender also receives tracking info.

Digital Invoice or Receipt

To declare the value of each wine, we require an invoice or receipt of the purchase. A typical winery invoice has the following:

  1. Winery’s name and logo, and contact info
  2. Recipient’s info, including shipping address (and billing address), phone number, and email address
  3. Wine description: name, appellation, vintage, volume, abv, quantity > Every bottle needs to be itemized. For example, the set item needs to be broken down.
  4. Price of the wine: retail and after discounts. (No California Sales should be collected as wines are for export.)
  5. Any quantity of OWC (Original Wooden Case)

A customs agent may ask the Recipient to provide the invoice and the proof of the purchase, usually a credit card statement. It is uncommon but happens for deliveries into Canada at times.

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