What about temperature controlled shipping?

Monitor Weather

We closely monitor the weather forecast of all points your shipments travel through. We do not ship during extreme weather conditions when the weather in American Canyon, California (where our warehouse locates) is too hot (above 85 F) or too cold (below 45 F).

Efficient Journey

The majority of our shipments are destined to Asian and EU countries. Typically shipments via FedEx get picked up from our facility in American Canyon (south of Napa), then to Pacheco, CA. These shipments will then be transported to the Oakland airport within 8 hours. Then in the next 12-24 hours, they will be on flights to their destination. Our estimated delivery times set the gold stand for the industry.

Our insurance doesn't cover temperature-related damages. It is an industry standard for almost all couriers. Our full insurance covers loss and breakage damage. As a recipient or sender, you can let us know when you would like to ship to avoid damages from temperature-related risks.

No Coldchain Today

As a well-established service provider for Intl Wine DTC delivery services, we do not see benefits from using ice packs based on our experience. Instead, we see more downside risks. 

  1. Ice packs typically last 24-48 hours, and for those countries with longer customs clearance, by the time wines are delivered, the ice packs will most likely melt. 
  2. It costs more to the customer without significant benefits.
  3. The polyethylene wine shipper, which accommodates the ice pack, is not an eco-friendly material. Being environmentally conscious, we only use 100% biodegradable packaging that is durable enough for international shipment. 

Based on our experience since 2016, and with thousands of orders successfully delivered, there are less than 10 temperature-related issues. So it is not something we worry about, nor should you.

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