Service updates for 2022

Release January 17, 2022.


We have been immensely blessed with thriving during the COVID, overcoming many global supply chain logistics challenges. We have doubled our ultra-premium winery clients to more than 200 since 2020. Many are contracted with Gliding Eagle to receive priority support and expanded services to grow cross-border DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) export sales effectively.

Gliding Eagle Wine Services is strategically vital for our winery clients to effectively expand access to meet increasing demands from consumers worldwide. 

Our goal is to constantly innovate our services with better software, more helpful customer service, and more efficient operations. We must build a solid and sustainable business that our winery clients can rely on for many years to come. 

For the past six years, we have indeed set the gold standard for International Wine DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) compliance and delivery. In Nov 2021, we were one of the only seven companies to receive the US Presidential Award for Excellence in Export Services.

1) Better Software

Since 2018, we have been the top featured startup on for our innovations in cloud-based technologies.

In December 2021, we launched the latest Intl DTC App v2.0. Now all clients can use it: winery clients, wine merchants, and global consumers. See release notes.

  • It is beautifully designed to simplify the process of getting a quote and placing the order with us. Improved API integration is coming for Commerce7 and other major eCommerce platforms.
  • It is optimized for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, supporting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and any international payment using major credit cards.
  • Each of our winery clients has a unique assigned passcode to log in the first time, so it speeds up the ordering process by notifying us where orders are coming from with priority support assigned.

Intl DTC App

We strongly believe in empowering our customers and users with knowledge in Intl DTC. Thus we have published over 50 articles in our online Knowledge Base to openly share information. Everyone is welcome to search and learn.

2) Support Priorities

We have three types of clients which receive different priorities based on our business focus and available staff. Our core business focus is to support our ultra-premium winery clients. 

Our team is unique in the wine industry because of the specialization in multi-language support and professional knowledge in filing compliance paperwork digitally with over 30 global Customs agencies. 

  • Priority 1: Winery clients on paid contracts receive priority support by email and phone. The typical response is within one business day. Expanded services include knowledge sharing, channel opportunities, free pickups, availability for rush orders, and access to Eagle View software for complete visibility of their Intl DTC shipments.
  • Priority 2: Wineries and wine merchants using the Intl DTC App software to place orders. With email support only. Best effort response.
  • Priority 3: Private clients. Best effort response.

3) Pricing Changes

Most of us have heard or experienced firsthand the rising logistics costs due to global supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID and other geopolitical challenges. To build a solid and sustainable business that our clients can reply on "without drama," we have to adjust our pricing in line with our rising costs (mostly from compliance processing, global logistics by air, and maintaining a solid staff).

By January 20, 2022, we will complete pricing adjustments for 30+ global destinations (effective within the Intl DTC App). The majority of our customers will likely see ~10-20% price increases for getting wines delivered cross-border, with discounts suspended. It is well below the industry costs increase of 30% and more. Our improved operations partially offset the rising costs—all made possible by our continued investment in digital productivity tools and custom-built software since 2013. 

Wine DTC deliveries into Canada have a much higher price increase of 40% or more. Canada has one of the highest Customs duties rates with the most complicated compliance requirements. Because of this, most local logistics companies have dropped their DTC services to Canada. For Gliding Eagle to continue our reliable services, the new pricing must reflect our labor costs to do accurate compliance filings. After all, we take pride in providing the best services for Intl Wine DTC—"Get things done. No drama."

We continue to monitor our costs closely and will make pricing adjustments during the year when necessary. 

We here at Gliding Eagle wish everyone a safe and healthy 2022. Here is to our shared world peace and joy of living!

- Jack Duan, Founder & CEO

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