Who is Gliding Eagle?

Glad you asked! We are...

A technology company

Gliding Eagle is a cloud technology company based in San Francisco Bay Area, building beautiful software to transform global trade. Our core technology tracks each product from source to consumer to ensure channel transparency.

The first well-established use case is for the Ultra-Premium Wine Industry.

Wine Services: International Direct-To-Consumer (DTC)

Since 2015, Gliding Eagle / Wine Services has enabled 200+ ultra-premium winery clients to significantly expand their international market access while ensuring product authenticity. Using technology, we provide Compliance & Delivery services for wineries to their individual buyers in 50+ global destinations.

Each bottle is uniquely tracked from the winery to the end customer worldwide. And we are very particular as Why and How we work. 

As the industry standard, our technology enable clients to increase Intl DTC sales without boundaries. 

Notable Recognitions

Among several awards we have received, notable ones are:


The founding team includes the former senior technologist at Sun Microsystem and big data product manager at Safeway, the senior management team at McKesson, and wine industry experts. 

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