How do we work?

It is the question often asked by others and by ourselves.

How do we help 200+ ultra-premium winery clients deliver wines safely to 60+ global destinations? It is a frictionless user experience with the quickest delivery times in the industry and a delivery success rate of 99.91%.

We openly share how we got here, having achieved excellence and efficiency using the latest digital tools and precise operations. We are passionate about being the best in what we do—Compliance, Duties & Delivery for Intl DTC.

We have been streamlining our process since 2015. The Process is our pride and joy to help our customers. With this level of passion and attention to detail, we received the U.S. Presidential Award for Export Achievements in 2021.


We believe in Connecting People around the world. It is the basis for our shared World Peace. It is why Gliding Eagle was founded in 2010.

Gliding Eagle’s DNA

“Get things done. No drama.”

It starts with the Founder’s experience in technology and US Fortune 100 companies. Three essential elements are embedded into our culture:

  1. Show up with Clarity and Precision
  2. Master best digital tools (cloud-hosted software)
  3. Document everything (Slack, Help Scout Knowledge Base, and NotionNo paper!)


Our 3-Part process (7 steps) for an Intl Wine DTC order. 80% done digitally (using cloud-based software). 20% pack-n-ship (physical).

Part A: Order Processing

Step 1: Confirm the order

The order is received digitally using our Intl DTC App or through incoming email to be converted into a support ticket in Help Scout (HS). Rarely do we take orders by phone. We use VoIP software to transcribe a voicemail into a support ticket in HS. We will provide timely support based on three priorities

Intl DTC App

Step 2: Arrange wine delivery to our facility

Our Customer Service team will work with the winery client and the Recipient using HS (or by phone) to arrange wine delivery to our office. We keep things neat and clean.

Step 3: Verify the order and wines

We verify the order’s information and inspect the wines physically to match. We also confirm a payment

Each bottle is recorded in our system and then affixed with a Gliding Eagle Authenticity Label (QR with a unique ID) to be tracked to the end consumer using our cloud-based technology.

Step 4: Pack wines

We only use 100% bio-degradable and well-engineered special packaging for safe delivery.

Part B: Compliance & Duties

Step 5: File compliance and customs duties digitally

This critical step must be done accurately for each bottle because wines are highly regulated worldwide. Does anyone enjoy getting an inquiry from Customs?

Using our custom-built application, we record each bottle’s information and recipient information to file proper compliance digitally for export and import. For example:

2016 Beringer Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 750ml, ALC 15.2%;

Valued at $60.00 USD each

For most destinations, our prices include the Customs Duties & Taxes prepaid. No surprises for the Recipient! We designed this process to be easy and frictionless—for our moms.

Part C: Track & Deliver

Step 6: Scan and ship

We use our mobile app to scan each bottle and each package with a FedEx tracking number into our system for final order data validation.

We also upload each package’s photo into our system to help us investigate any issues when necessary. They rarely happen, but we love to document everything.

Ready for FedEx pickup!

We have been partnering with FedEx since 2015 and have designed the pickup process to ensure the best global logistics transit times. Typically we ship out on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, by 2 pm PST.

Step 7: Actively monitor and resolve issues

Using our Tracking system, we actively monitor each shipment daily until they are successfully delivered to the Recipient. We will work with FedEx, the Customs clearance broker, and the Recipient to proactively resolve customs clearance and delivery-related issues.

Automatic Notifications

During the entire process, the winery and customers (buyer and Recipient) receive system-generated email notifications with status updates and the tracking link unless they opt out.

This is How We Connect People. 

“Get things done. No drama.” 

It starts with connecting people at wineries with their appreciative customers globally. Cheers to our shared World Peace!

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