For Original Wooden Cases (OWC) and Special Gift Boxes

At Gliding Eagle, we prioritize the safety and quality of your wine.

For wine enthusiasts and collectors who value the authenticity of their wine storage, the Original Wooden Case (OWC) is essential. We understand the importance of OWCs and special gift boxes in maintaining the integrity of your wine collection. Here's how we handle them:

Separate Packaging

We typically pack OWCs and special gift boxes separately from the wines to ensure the safe transportation of your valuable bottles. You can learn more about our standard packaging here.

Handling Fee

There is a nominal fee of $65 per OWC or gift box to cover the additional expenses associated with special packaging and international air transportation. This fee is calculated based on the dimensional weight, which is explained in detail here.

Custom Packaging

In some cases, we or the winery may design custom boxes to provide the highest level of protection for special wines during transit. If our thorough assessment determines that a particular wine can be safely transported in a custom box, we may choose to ship the wine inside the box. Please note that dimensional-weight pricing still applies, and a $65 fee per box will be charged.

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