Destinations, Compliance and Pricing for Intl Wine DTC

52 countries/regions covered.

(1) Compliance, Duties, and Delivery

With confidence, we excel at providing white-glove services. For most popular destinations, we take care of the following five essential services for Intl Wine DTC, so our customers don't have to worry. Our estimated delivery times set the gold stand for the industry. 

(2) Use Our Software: Compliance and Pricing

With our cloud-based Intl DTC App, you can quickly get a quote and pay for an order with the required information for all the destinations supported.

Intl DTC App

(3) Service Level per destination

For Level 3 (L3) service, our service fee includes Customs Duties & Taxes prepaid to provide a frictionless user experience with the quickest delivery.

L3: Full Service with D/T prepaid. Fast and easy.

  1. Australia [AU]: No volume limit; Postal code exceptions; random inspections; high D/T rates >60%
  2. Austria [AT]: 4.5L (6x 750mL)
  3. Belgium [BE]: 60L (80x 750mL)
  4. Bermuda [BM]: No volume limit
  5. Bulgaria [BG]: 4.5L (6x 750mL)
  6. Chile [CL]: 30L (40x 750mL); high D/T rate ~45%
  7. China, Mainland [CN]: 4.5L (6x 750mL) and CNY5000 limit; Recipient's National ID
  8. Cyprus [CY]: 4.5L (6x 750mL)
  9. Czech Republic [CZ]: 4.5L (6x 750mL)
  10. France [FR]: 4.5L (6x 750mL); Recipients to pay €60 fees
  11. Germany [DE]: 9L (48x 750mL)
  12. Greece [GR]: 36L (48x 750mL) soft volume limit; wines ALC <15%. High D/T and customs fees ~85%
  13. Hong Kong [HK]: No volume limit
  14. Hungary [HU]: 4.5L (6x 750mL)
  15. Israel [IL]: 5L (6x 750mL). High D/T and customs fees ~60-90%.
  16. Italy [IT]: 4.5L (6x 750mL); Recipients to pay €50 fees; must be residential address.
  17. Japan [JP]: 18L (24x 750mL)
  18. Liechtenstein [LI]: No volume limit
  19. Luxembourg [LU]: 9L (12x 750mL)
  20. Macau [MO]: No volume limit; the Recipient must apply for a license.
  21. Malta [MT]: No volume limit
  22. Monaco [MC]: 9L (12x 750mL); Recipients to pay €60 fees
  23. New Zealand [NZ]: No volume limit
  24. Netherlands [NL]: No volume limit
  25. Norway [NO]: No volume limit; high D/T rate: 20-70%
  26. Puerto Rico [PR]: 9L (12x 750mL)
  27. Romania [RO]: 4.5L (6x 750mL)
  28. Singapore [SG]: No volume limit
  29. Slovenia [SI]: 2L (2x 750mL)
  30. South Africa [ZA]: 4.5L (6x 750mL); high D/T rate ~45%
  31. Switzerland [CH]: No volume limit
  32. Taiwan [TW]: 4.5L (6x 750mL); the Recipient must complete a POA
  33. Turks & Caicos [TC]: 36L (48x 750mL)
  34. U.K.: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Guernsey [GB]: 99L (132x 750mL)
  35. U.S. Virgin Islands [VI]: 27L (36x 750mL)

L2: Recipients must pay D/T. Slower.

  1. British Virgin Island [VG]: No volume limit
  2. Canada [CA]: Only 5 provinces; D/T rate 10-110%
  3. Cayman Island [KY]: 4L (5x750mL)
  4. Helsinki, Finland [FI]: 4.5L (6x 750mL); D/T rate 30-70%
  5. South Korea [KR]: 4.5L (6x 750mL); D/T rate >90%
  6. Sint Maarten [SX]: No volume limit

L1: Commercial Samples to an importer only

  1. Bahamas [BS]
  2. Curaçao [CW]
  3. Denmark [DK]
  4. Jamaica [JM]
  5. Latvia [LV]
  6. Malaysia [MY]
  7. Morocco [MA]
  8. Philippines [PH]
  9. Slovakia [SK]
  10. Sweden [SE]
  11. United Arab Emirates [AE]
  • The Recipient must be an importer with a proper license and to pay Duties/Taxes. No Direct-To-Consumer orders.
  • Wines must be Commercial Wine Samplesnot for resell. Declare $10 per bottle.
  • Delivery time: typically 5-15 days, depending on the importer's cooperation and Customs clearance.
  • Volume limit: typically 24x 750ml per shipment, depending on the importer's capabilities to clear customs.

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