How do you file export/import compliance paperwork?

Intl Wine DTC

Filing the correct compliance paperwork is essential and is one of the most time-consuming parts of the process. We must do it precisely and accurately so the wines will clear Customs quickly.

Each bottle is first entered into our software system with a precise format and then declared for proper compliance fillings digitally. For example:

2016 Beringer Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 750ml, ALC 15.2%; 
Valued at $60.00 USD each

Because of this well-engineered process, our estimated delivery times set the gold stand for the industry.

Two ways for Filing Compliance

The traditional way: Paper forms.

Typically when someone sends a package to another country, many forms must be printed, filled out by hand, and attached outside the box. That is an old-school, inefficient and error-prone way to do it.

Our way: All digital. No Paper.

At Gliding Eagle, we use our custom-built software to share shipping order data directly with our logistics partners like FedEx. No more hand-filled out forms. It is much more efficient. This method uses Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) and Electronic Export Information (EEI). We have been pioneers to use it to speed up the process and eliminate human errors.

And it makes our packages super clean. No more paper forms!

We declare every bottle.

We file the compliance paperwork digitally by transmitting data securely to the logistics partner and each destination's Customs agency. Here are some examples to show how precise it must be.

The same is for Commercial Wine Samples.

We put so much care and preparation into this, so our customers don't have to worry.

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