Why Prepay Duties & Taxes?

Compliance for Customs Clearance

Typically for international wine delivery, the longest time is spent filing proper compliance to clear customs for importation. 

Much time is wasted on collecting the import Duties & Taxes (D/T) payment from the Recipient. Government agencies can be very slow at contacting the Recipient to collect the import Duties/Taxes. We have heard many horror stories about wines stuck in customs for weeks, or worse—getting returned to the sender because the Recipient cannot be reached to pay D/T. 

Prepaying the Customs D/T reduces the transit time and other potential issues for all parties.

Faster and Easier

We are engineering a great service product to make international DTC delivery for wine faster and easier. To this end, when permissible by the destination regulations, we bundle the D/T (based on our historical data) in our full-service pricing, so there is only one price to pay. 

No surprises for the Recipient.

Setting the Industry Gold Standard

We have well-engineered our services with one full-price, and full compliance filing digitally with technology. Our estimated delivery times set the gold stand for the industry.

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