Full Services and Pricing for Norway

Gliding Eagle Full Services

With confidence, we excel at providing white-glove services. We take care of five essential steps, so our customers don't have to worry. Our estimated delivery times set the gold stand for the industry.

Intl DTC Services

  1. Compliance: We file all required Export and Import legal paperwork digitally
  2. FedEx Delivery Door-to-Door: "Get there safely and quickly" with Intl Express by air, using special packaging.
  3. Insurance: Covers any verified loss and breakage up to the declared wine value, excluding temperature-related damages.
  4. Customs Duties Paid: Included in our service fees—no surprises for the Recipient. 
  5. Technology: Each bottle is uniquely tracked to ensure authenticity.

Use Our Software

With our cloud-based Intl DTC App, you can quickly get a quote and pay for an order with the required information.

Intl DTC App

  • Winery clients: click on "Registered Winery." Contact us to receive an assigned passcode for faster order processing.
  • Private clients: click on "Guest."

Pricing Considerations

Gliding Eagle Full Service Fee is calculated based on the declared value of the wines, as it includes the Customs Duties & Taxes (D/T) to be pre-paid. The D/T rate is approximately 25-70% of the wine value.

Norway has four taxes covered by Gliding Eagle. The relative tax rate varies greatly based on wine value (over 70% for a $25 bottle vs. under 30% for a $250 bottle). 

  1. Alcohol Tax based on alcohol percentage
  2. Bottle Tax per bottle
  3. Packaging Tax based on the number of boxes used
  4. 25% VAT Tax based on the combined value of the wine, shipping costs, insurance costs and the three taxes listed above. 

Volume Limit

There is No Volume Limit for Norway per shipment. Drink up!

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