How does billing and payment work?

Payment Security

The payment process must be safe and convenient for everyone. We use Stripe, a PCI compliant and secure payment processing company.

Two Options to Pay

(A) Pay Us Directly

For new customers
  • We will email you an invoice with a secure online payment link. You can pay quickly, as both Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported! A receipt will be emailed to you—check your Inbox, and the Spam folder if necessary. 
  • We cannot ship the wine until we have received your payment.
For repeat customers
  • We appreciate your continuing business! Once you have a credit card on file with us (stored securely), we can directly charge the invoiced amount. 
  • Prefer a different card? We can send you a secure payment link to pay or update payment info.
  • The credit card on file has expired? We will send you a new payment link. 
  • We do not take credit card information over the phone for better security and privacy. 

(B) Pay the Winery or Wine Merchant First

  • The Winery or Wine Merchant will charge the customer for the wine and the Gliding Eagle Wine Services fees. We will then invoice the Winery or Wine Merchant for payment.
  • The Winery or Wine Merchant to share the customer's credit card information with us (based on the consent from the customer), then we will charge the customer and email the payment receipt. If wineries prefer to be the one in contact with the customer, we will honor those requests.
  • In either case, please get in touch with the Winery or Wine Merchant directly.

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