Service updates for 2023

Release Feb 1, 2023.

As we start the new 2023, let's briefly review 2022. It is our best year yet with a continually growing Intl wine DTC business for both our winery clients and Gliding Eagle. 

2022 In Review

"One man with a conviction will overwhelm a hundred who only have oppinions." - Churchill
Here is our simple conviction: Connect people around the world. We can systematically make it simpler and easier for people. There is a viable business for us. 
The year 2022 marks our first year of becoming profitable as a technology startup in the wine industry. It has been both challenging and exciting for the past seven years. It is a rewarding journey. We have successfully built a technology product that makes international compliance and delivery easy with our Intl DTC App. It takes the burden away from the winery staff, so they can confidently say "Yes" to any interested international customer. 
During this creative process, we established the market for Intl Wine DTC. And we set the industry standard with our technology to support 230+ ultra-premium winery clients to export DTC to 52 countries/regions, with a 99.9% successful delivery rate.
Becoming profitable as a technology company in Napa gives us the confidence to build a sustainable business that will benefit our clients and the wine industry in the years to come. 

Looking Forward In 2023

In 2023, we will continue to build better software to expand addressable global destinations from 52 to 60+, with full API-driven automation and integration. We are ready to scale and support the wine industry in the eCommerce age.

Our business model

Keep it clear and simple.

Our client base is primarily ultra-premium winery clients who are on contract. We train the winery staff to take care of Intl DTC orders and support their business with a streamlined process. Collaborating between the winery and our team is more straightforward and pleasant.
Other wineries can use our Intl DTC App to get a quote and create an order, but they must pay a Pay-Per-Order (PPO) surcharge to cover our extra efforts to support their Intl DTC sales. More info.
We infrequently work directly with private customers. We prefer these private customers to work with our winery clients directly. If they insist on working with us instead, we will do our best to help them with our goodwill. They must pay an additional PPO surcharge to cover our extra efforts. More info.

Pricing changes

In 2022, we made a notable price increase for Intl DTC Service Fees in most destinations to catch up with the inflation. We don't do it this year as our optimized operations absorb most cost increases in transportation and staff-related.
Starting Feb 1, 2023, only the following Intl DTC Service fees increases are needed.
  • Canada: Average ~15% increase due to higher compliance-related costs.
  • Mainland China: Average ~5% increase due to higher compliance-related costs.
  • Singapore: Average ~19% increase due to much higher transportation costs and import duty rates.
  • The U.K.: Average ~4% increase due to higher transportation and compliance-related costs.
  • Original Wooden Case (OWC): increase from $35 to $65 to cover the much higher packaging and transportation-related costs, as we typically pack OWCs separately.
For all contracted winery clients, we honor quotes for 30 days and for scheduled releases.

We take pride in providing the best services for Intl Wine DTC— "Get things done. No drama." We continue to live up to this in 2023 and beyond. 

I wish everyone a healthy and joyful 2023 with shared prosperity.

- Jack DuanFounder & CEO

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